Heirloom Kit

The Micro

Perfect for infants and other ridiculously cute impressions

The Mini

Perfect for children and other petit impressions

The Midi

Most Popular – A versatile size, great for adults

The Maxi

Perfect for multiple fingerprints, puppy paws, dog noses, and other larger impressions

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Making family history in three easy steps

1. Soften

Drop the wax in warm water to soften

Step One

2. Press

Push in your impression — finger, seashell, coin etc

Step Two

3. Return

Secure in your tin, and return to our casting team.

Step Three

Four sizes, for the whole family

Four sizes for the whole family

What do you get?

Heirloom Box
Your Heirloom Kit

Three formable waxes
Secure return tin
Prepaid return envelope

Silver Pendant (included)

Your wax cast and finished in silver.

Chain (included) Chain (included)

A chain or band of your choice.

Gold Necklace

Extra pendants, solid gold, engraving, and more.

Available when you return the wax

Live Prices

Solid Gold? You got it.

We can cast your Heirloom pendant in a variety of precious metals, including 10k, 14k and 18k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold, and Platinum



10ct Yellow Gold



10ct Yellow Gold



10ct Yellow Gold



10ct Yellow Gold

Prices are accurate as of 27th Nov.
Due to the movements of the market, these may change in the future.

All your questions, answered

  • Can I make in solid gold or platinum?

    Yes, absolutely! Special jewelry deserves a special metal. We can cast in Yellow, White, or Rose Gold in 10k, 14k, or 18k, and also Platinum.

    Base metal upgrades are paid for when you return your wax to us for casting, and are priced according to the current market rates. You can explore some prices here, including base metal upgrades.

    You don't need to worry about paying for it now. Our online wax return form will ask you for your preferred base metal.

    Once we receive your wax back, we will confirm the weight and send over a quick payment link to confirm your upgrade. If you don't like it, switching to silver is one click. It's easy and you're always in control!

  • How does the wax work?

    The wax you return to us will be cast exactly the same in a beautiful solid precious metal. This means that you have complete freedom over the size and shape, and the location of your impression.

    The wax softens when warmed but remains a harder consistency when cool so it captures and preserves fine details.

    Please do not combine the wax balls as they have all been pre-weighed to your chosen casting type

  • Can I make more than one necklace?

    Yes! Your kit purchase price includes casting of one pendant and a chain of your choice, but it's very easy to make more than one.

    There are two options:

    1) Use Multiple Waxes
    Your kit includes three waxes so you can make up to three at a time. Order additional wax at any time or with your kit. Each additional pendant can be purchased with or without a chain.

    2) Duplicate One Wax
    If you want multiple identical copies of one wax, we will create a silicon mold of it and use that to create as many copies as you like. This is all made super simple on our online wax return form. If you want, we can store this mold for free and can use it to create additional copies any time in the future as well.

    You can pay for extra castings via the wax return form on The Makers Table, so you don't have to decide now.

  • Can it be a double-sided impression?

    Yes! And these look amazing 🤩

    This is done by pushing on the wax from both sides at the same time. Be careful not to flatten it too much. Once complete this style looks so beautiful on a necklace.

  • Is it safe for newborns and children?

    Yes, with supervision. The wax is non-hazardous and non-toxic to humans.

    It's still never a good idea to eat wax (and it can be a choking hazard) so ensure young children are fully supervised while using the kit.

  • Can I get more wax?

    As much as you want. Your kit can be refilled here: Refill my Heirloom Kit.

  • How long is the casting valid?

    6 months. Each kit comes with a casting for the pendant size that you've paid for (e.g. The Midi). This covers everything involved in turning your wax into silver and also a chain of your choice. The single price protects you against any metal fluctuations into the future - even if the casting price increases for your chosen casting type.

    We wish we could give perpetual castings but the truth is that precious metals can change significantly in price over time (and almost always up).

    Outside of this 6-month window you can still use your casting voucher, however, a casting-reactivation fee will be applied.

  • Engraving, Stones, and more.

    Yes, yes and yes! Why not make this amazingly special piece of jewelry even more spectacular with some of our extras.

    Available on the wax return form we have the option to add lab-grown and natural diamonds, cubic zirconia, in a variety of colors, laser engraving, and more!

  • How long does casting take?

    We try to have your finished piece in the mail within 4 weeks of receiving your wax, although this be slightly longer if it's a busy time of year.

    If you have a special date (such as a birthday or anniversary) let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen!

  • What's your return policy?

    We offer a full refund for unused kits within 30 days of purchase.