We are CAST

Here to bring joy, creativity, and mindful attention to you and your world.

โ€˜Busy Hands, Happy Minds.โ€™

CAST aims to prove a point โ€” we are all more creative than we think we are. Founded in 2017 in the UK, in 2022 we opened a physical branch in the USA to support our growing client base there. We're constantly amazed by the things our customers make. We love helping you tap into that fountain of creativity that all of us have.

We aim to bring joy, positivity, and calm to a fast-paced world full of stress and distraction. And to help you make your own unique, high quality, perfectly imperfect jewelry.


Over 30,000 unique creations have been made by our customers


Recycled the length of 20 fully grown Blue Whales in silver rings


Used in every continent around our beautiful planet(except Antarctica ๐Ÿ‘€)


Supporting jobs in our local communities

CAST Pendant
James + Luke, Founders

โ€œWe want to keep growing a global community, present and connected in the quest of creating cool things, to learn new skills and to achieve those moments of happiness, fulfilment and meaning.

The world is a happier place when weโ€™re doing the things we LOVE, alongside those we love the most.โ€

James & Luke, Founders

Meet our small, but MIGHTY American team


Leigh-Anne๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

Head of Community

Born and raised in Scotland, Leigh-Anne has an eye for design and a deeply concerningcompletely normal cat obsession. We're 90% sure she can do real magic.

The social, the product itself, all the little details: that comes from Leigh-Anne. You can find her packing orders while listening to audiobooks.



Managing Director / Janitor

Malcolm is good at coding, logistics, and finance much to his parents' disappointment. He's a cautious driver, a reckless pedestrian and loves getting jewelry to people on time.

Malcolm runs the website and does a bit of everything else. He'll either be staring blankly at a computer screen or staring intently at a computer screen.



Master Caster

If it's a job related to precious metal, Doug has done it. From mining the raw materials to gold plating bullets to 3D modeling, he's been there and could probably do it blindfolded (but promises not to with your pieces).

Doug is obsessed with quality. He's a bit wild personally but meticulous in his work. No detail is too small, and your casting is in excellent hands. Check out his designs here.



Casting Operations

Sarah keeps production organized, streamlined, and on time. She simultaneously juggles, spins plates, herds cats, and answers the phone. When your piece comes back sparkling and ahead of schedule, thank Sarah.

She is a mama bear and brings that energy to her work. She's very sweet, but don't you mess with her. Favorite color: sparkles.

Why we're here

What gets us up in the morning, is our drive to make this world a happier, calmer and better place.


Supporting Local Manufacture


Sustainable and ethical sourcing & production


Promoting Happy Minds and Mental Wellness


Building a happy, creative community